Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Create a project
  2. Edit/delete the name of an item
  3. Import pictures or videos
  4. Invite someone
  5. Difference of colors in the crew list
  6. Change the crew list order
  7. Import a production file
  8. Customize the fields of my department sheets
  9. Subscribe to the calendar

1. How do I create a project on Setkeeper ?

If you want to create a project on Setkeeper, you need to go to your account and click on the green button on the top right “+New Project”. If this button doesn’t appear, please contact or : they will help you see what is to be done to give you the rights to create projects.

2. How do I edit/ delete the name of an item?

In front of every item name, you have a little tool on the right : click on the tool, and you will be able to either edit or delete the item.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-01 à 11.24.34.pngYou can find this little tool all over the platform to edit/ delete an item.

3. How do I import pictures or videos on Setkeeper ?

In order to import pictures, you need to create a sheet. Let’s say you want to import pictures for a set:

  • Go to sets
  • Click on “add a new set”
  • Enter the new set by clicking the name
  • Click on “add a new location”
  • You enter in the sheet: you can import any media by clicking on the “+”

It is the same if you want to import pictures or videos for castings. You just need to go on the cast department, add a new role, add a new casting, and there import your media. The same logic goes for all the artistic departments.

4. How do I invite someone on my project ?

To invite someone on the platform, you need to go on Team > Crew list. Once you’re in the crew list, you can either:

  • add someone by clicking the top green button on the right
  • add someone directly in a team clicking on the grey button “add someone” on the team’s header
  • add someone directly in a position clicking “fill this job” in front of the position.

To invite someone, you need to have their email address. They will then receive an email and create their own password; and then be able to join the project.

5. Why are some names in the crew list in orange and some in green ?

In the crew list, you can see that the name appear either in green or in orange. The names in green are the ones who filled in their information sheet completely. The other still have some fields to complete.

If you hover over their names, you can see the completion percentage of the sheet.

6. How do I change the order of the names and teams in the crew list?

If you go to “Edit list”, there you will be able to edit the crew list through drag&drops. You can:

  • change the crews order
  • change the people order inside a crew
  • change a person to another crew

To do that, you need to grab the six little dots next to the crew name and put it over the name of the other crew. When you see the green bar on the left appearing, you can let go of your team’s name, as shown on the picture below.Capture d’écran 2016-06-01 à 14.19.55.png

It works in the same way to move the people in the crew list.

7. How do I import a document on the production desk?

On the production desk, you can import documents to make them available for your crew to download. You have two different views of this part: the manager panel, and the reader panel.

The reader panel is the one most users will see, and where the documents will be available to download.

The manager panel is where you can import you files : click on the green button on the top left, and you arrive on the manager’s view. You can see the folders on the left, and the document “by default” on the center of the page. You can edit the folders and the documents.

By clicking on “upload a file” next to a document you can import any document: excel, word, pdf… Once you import the document, you can manage it directly for the manager’s panel : define a recipients list if you don’t want everyone on your team to see the document, see who saw your document, or upload a new version of your document with an automatic numbering.

8. How do I customize the fields of the map and the technical informations in my departments?

You can customize all the fields of the sheets, and changed the . Please note that in order to do so, you need to be project administrator or manager of the department.

First, go the department for which you want to customize the sheets. In the department, click on “customize”, on the left (as shown below).

Capture d’écran 2016-06-22 à 10.37.29.png

Once you are in the “customize part”, just click on edit and you can:

  • add new information fields
  • add new map fields
  • drag and drop your fields and categories.

Please do not forget to “save” on the top right before leaving the page.

9. Subscribe to the calendar

You can subscribe to your project’s calendar on your iCloud or Google Calendar.

First, go to “Calendar” and click on the green button “Subscribe” bottom left of the page.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 16.33.49.png

Then, select “EMAIL” and click on “Send me a link by e-email”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 16.34.03.png

You will receive a link in your mailbox. Just click on it to subscribe to your calendar!